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Malibu C Color Disruptor 266ml

  • Brand: Malibu C
  • Product Code: 906560
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First Response in Colour Correction
Malibu C Colour Disruptor and CPR - Color Pigment Remover are the first responders in the corrective colour process. Step one is Malibu C Color Disruptor to loosen oil based colour and other stubborn dye molecules for easier removal. CPR is step two, to remove colour and mineral build up for more predictable corrective colour services. Both products are 100% vegan, non-oxidative, and leave the integrity of the hair in-tact. For best results, Malibu C recommends using Un-Do-Goo > 9 pH shampoo after each process for more removal.
  • First step in corrective colour
  • Disrupt colour pigment for corrective colour prep
  • Pretreatment before colour pigment remover or direct dye lift
  • Can be used on oxidative and/or direct dyes
  • Dual disruptor technology
  • Creamy consistency for easy application
  • Recommended for all colour corrective services
  • Formulated without gluten, sulfate surfactants and parabens
How To Use:
  • Work Malibu C Color Disruptor into the hair using 1/2 inch to 1 inch sections.
  • Apply a professional processing cap and expose to heat for 20-30 minutes.
  • Remove from heat, then rinse and shampoo with Malibu C Un-Do-Goo pH > 9 shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.
  • PRO TIP: Apply Color Disruptor on hair that has been shampooed with Maliub C Un-Do-Goo shampoo. Work Color Disruptor into the hair distributing it evenly, if using CPR, place CPR directly on top of the Color Disruptor and place under heat for the process. this will help decrease the process and time for the stylist.
Malibu C

Total wellness hair products with Malibu C. Malibu C’s ground-breaking hairdressing treatments feature vitamin crystal technology with an exclusive blend of antioxidants and rich botanicals.

Remove damaging impurities and mineral deposits caused by exposure to soft and hard water that can diminish the heath and appearance of hair and scalp, while restoring hair to peak performance

Learn how to incorporate Color Disruptor into your services with Malibu C Artistic Team Member Katherine Maddox

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