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Iceman Mastercut 6.5" Offset Hairdressing Scissors

  • Brand: Iceman
  • Product Code: 171723
  • Availability: Low Stock
Quality and Longevity Assured
With Iceman, longevity is assured. Iceman Mastercut 6.5". Offset Hairdressing Scissors are made from stainless steel for maximum long-lasting sharpness. Featuring hand-honed blades perfect for cutting, thinning, sliding, slicing, splicing, chipping and notching. Amazingly comfortable and well-balanced cutting tools for all day, every day use. A work of art to create a work of art!
  • Stainless steel with convex edge blade
  • Removable finger rest
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Hollow ground
  • Standard thumb curvature
  • Offset
  • Colour: silver

Iceman hairdressing scissors are amazingly affordable cutting edge scissors, thinners and texturisers. Comfortable and well-balanced for use all day, every day. Made from exceptional rust-proof cobalt stainless steel, hand-honed blades for maximum long-lasting sharpness.

Product Attributes
Colour:Silver Series:6.5"