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Mia Tonytail Ponytail Hair Wrap, Blonde

  • Brand: Mia
  • Product Code: 124400
  • Availability: In Stock
Changing the World, One Ponytail at a Time
The secret to Hollywood glamorous hair. This soft, stylish ponytail wrap works great with hair of any length and thickness by creating the illusion of having hair wrapped around your ponytail. Made of Kaneklon wig hair which acts like a mirror, picking up and reflecting your own hair colour. One size fits all.
  • Creates illusion of hair wrapped around a ponytail
  • Picks up and reflects your own hair colour

It all started with the Tonytail ponytail wrap, a styling essential which creates the chic illusion of hair wrapped around a ponytail. Now Mia is changing the world, one hair accessory at a time. With fun, glamorous and innovative hair accessories, Mia specialises in hair accessories which make Hollywood style affordable.

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